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Polyclass is a leading Malaysian manufacturer and distributor of glass and plastic bottle to the Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics, Food and Household Goods industries.

Polyclass manufactures a wide range of plastic bottles at its plant in Ipoh, Menglembu.

The company distributes glass bottles produced by its manufacturing partners.

Polyclass has built up a significant customer base in both Malaysia and Singapore since it was founded in 1999, by working closely with customers and offering a flexible service in seeking to meet the design demands of both glass and plastic bottle products.

Our sister company Glass & Plastic (G&P) Sdn. Bhd. is responsible for the distribution and marketing of our glass and plastic products.

薄利多銷有限公司成立于1999年﹐是馬來西亞其中一間具備先進技術及大規模生產能 力的塑膠制品公司﹐并擁有一定的本地和新加坡客戶的支持。制品包括藥用品系列﹐美容產品系列﹐食品醬料系列及家庭應用品等。並且通過本 分公司瓶瓶罐罐有限公司的山東省藥用玻璃股份有限公司代理權﹐我們更能兼顧廣 大玻璃和塑膠用品消費者的需求

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Competitive Prices Without Compromising Quality and Service
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